Suzanne Dupuis

Educational Assistant


I work at St. Joseph High School as a Personal Care Educational Assistance. I really enjoy being at the High School. I have been to Australia 3 times because I have a daughter who is a resident there. She also hasa daughter of her own, she is 2 years old. I love that I am her "Memere" (French for Grandma). She has the cutest little Australian Accent.. I love to skype with her, thank God that we have the technology we have today. That I can actually see her grow up.

I also have 2 grown Boys.  Which I am very proud of .

I enjoy being a Personal Care Educational Assistance.

Working as an Educational Assistance has been a growing experience, growing with my faith and seeing alot of talent in our school. I hope to be able to do this for a very long time.  Very proud all all the students at St. Joe"s.