French Immersion

Late French Immersion
This intensive fast-paced and exciting program is open to children going to Grade 5 with little or no French Language experience, and will allow your child to learn and become fluent in both of Canada's official languages.
Late French Immersion is intended for students who are not in the regular French Immersion Program
The program begins in Grade 5 and carries through to Grade 7. Starting in Grade 8, students from Late Immersion will be integrated into regular Immersion classes.
Late Immersion is a wonderful opportunity to challenge your child, the program is designed to develop French Language skills with students who have little to no previous French language experience.
If you are interested in the program please contact École St. Gérard. Spaces are limited.
Phone: 780-532-5398
What is French Immersion?

In Alberta, many parents have chosen to give their child the opportunity to learn French by enrolling them in a French immersion program. Such programs, designed for non Francophones, are an effective way for students to become functionally fluent in French while achieving all of the learning outcomes of the regular programs of study.  Graduates from French immersion programs achieve a level of fluency in the target language that allows them to pursue their post-secondary studies in French or to accept employment in a workplace where French is the main language of communication. Recent studies show not only that learning another language can have a positive impact on your child’s first language, but also that it actually enhances learning in all areas. Current research has shown that exposure to a second language can:

  • Enhance the complexity of a person’s first-language syntax;  
  • Enhance their language-use skills (using narrative strategies, reading and writing in the first language, learning vocabulary);
  • Enhance non-linguistic skills in areas such as divergent thinking, metalinguistics, attitudes toward others and mathematics.1”
French Immersion Kindergarten in Alberta - Alberta Education 2012
  • To broaden your children's access to literature, art, music, theatre, sports, travel and friendships
  • To increase their career and educational opportunities
  • To help them understand more about themselves, their country, their fellow Canadians and the world at large
Living the French Immersion Experience at École St-Gerard School
When you choose École St-Gerard Catholic School you are immediately exposing your child to a myriad of French Immersion resources such as:
  1. A fully bilingual and competent personnel
  2. Francophone and French-Immersion Graduates
  3. Computer labs with Internet access
  4. An extensive bilingual library
  5. Sports, extra-curricular and cultural activities